The Mystery of the Sharpie Pens

I bought some pens a while ago and I don’t remember why I wanted them. I can’t even say “It seemed ┬áto be a good idea at the time” because I don’t remember what the idea was.

The pens are Sharpie pens of different shapes and colors. There are the retractable ones and the three pack of many, well three, colors.

These pens are terrific, but why I own them is a mystery.

These pens are terrific, but why I own them is a mystery.

I like the pens. They are fat for cheap pens and the fine tip seems to be sturdy enough that I suspect I won’t mash them into broad tips before the I use up the ink. I like the way they write and they’ve already proven to be useful at the school where I work, but I still don’t understand what I was thinking when I ordered them.

I especially like the nock mechanism on the retractable pens.

I remember having a good reason for ordering them when I ordered them, but that’s all I remember. I do remember, though, getting the notice that they were on the way and then not being able to remember what my grand plan was supposed to be.

I also remember being sober when I ordered them.

I’ve tried searching pen blogs that I frequent for reviews that might trigger memories of what the purchasing trigger was. Unfortunately that hasn’t worked. I’ve even searched the notebooks I was carrying at the time to see if I’d made any notes about them. That hasn’t helped either.

Mind you, this isn’t just changing my mind about them. I’ve ordered products, especially via Kickstarter, that took so long to receive that I wasn’t interested in them anymore when I finally got them. This is different. I don’t remember why I was interested in them.

Maybe it will come back to me some day. And then I’ll order some more and probably forget why.



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