That Last Minute is Oh So Long

More than once in my career as a K-12 student, I witnessed the warping of time as the minute before the end-of-school bell stretched to an hour.

There are scientific reasons for this involving near-light speed, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, the gravity of large objects warping space time, physics and, yeah, well, look it up.

In my professional career this warping of space and time manifests as a lengthening of the month of June. This is partly because the Japanese government has seen fit to 1) have classes in June when God intended there to be no classes and 2) have no national holidays in June. This year the government even trolled us by creating a new national holiday–F@#king Mountain Day–in August.

The last week June, and therefore the term, seems especially long as there are complicating factors involving making exams, recording listening sections, editing listening sections, burning CDs, burning them again correctly, and proofreading exams. We are also dealing with stragglers hurrying to finish final projects.

Oddly, June has actually seemed to go pretty quickly this year. This means the coming week is going to last forever.

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