Attracting Unwanted Attention on Camera

A bunch of people not in my class watched a student strip while I pointed a camera at him. Then I had to make him do it again. I also got to see student get on his hands and knees and bark like a dog.

Today I think we all finished the commercials in our high school second year classes which means we now have to watch all the videos again and assign marks. This year some of my students put some extra effort into the project and I got to see a fight and listen to a song.

In the latter, they students did an infomercial–complete with a theme song–for a necklace that lets you speak to animals. As a demonstration one student pretended to be a dog.

They are going to get a good score.

In another class their invention was telepathy glasses that let you read minds. You not only can win at rock paper scissors but you can “see” what a person is wearing between her, er, his clothes. (Because that’s totally a thing you want telepathy for.)

As a demonstration, one student guessed what another student was wearing and the student took off his shirt to prove he was, in fact, wearing that. He then took off that shirt to show he had an orange t-shirt on.

Unfortunately for them they had to go again (because they used their script the first time). The second time, the guy only removed one shirt because I think he realized people were watching him the first time.

Won’t he be surprised, then, when that video makes an appearance on open campus day…



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