Cold With a Dash of Humidity

It’s probably our fault and I’m happy to take the blame. I could have done without the rain though.

One of our annual challenges in our apartment is seeing how long we can put off using the air conditioner. We leave the windows open and run fans but we try to avoid using the air conditioner.

However, this year we’ve had weather that’s decided to bounce around between pleasant, humid, hot, and Really, Mother Nature? Really?

The humidity prompted us to clean one air conditioner (this involves a spray to clean the innards and me with towels and some alcohol cleaning the outside.

However, as soon as we cleaned the living room air conditioner, the weather cooled a bit. (Note: Japan is not keen on central air and we therefore have small air conditioners in two rooms.)

However, the humidity kicked up and we cleaned the second air conditioner. That was Sunday night.

Today, however, the weather dropped from 29 degrees Celsius (84.4 Fahrenheit) to 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) prompting many people to break out jackets and eliminating the need for the air conditioner. In fact, we may have been lucky that we’ve been too lazy to put away our lighter blankets.

I’m convinced that if we hadn’t cleaned our air conditioners, the sky would be on fire right now. (So to speak.)

Eventually, of course, summer will arrive with humidity but not mercy. Until then, we’ll enjoy the cool weather and I’m happy to take the blame for it.

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